Lunch in the Vineyard • Candlelit Dinners in a Cellar • All-Day Private Wine Tours

A new and easy way to experience wine country

What is Vignetto?

  • Provides a platform to quickly and easily find unique wine experiences
  • Combines wine with local chefs for catered lunches in a vineyard and winemaker dinners in cave
  • Currently in the Healdburg area, but coming to Sonoma and Napa soon
  • Italian for Vineyard

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Welcome to Vignetto

Vignetto is a single site where wine enthusiast can find unique, fun wine country experiences to share with your friends. Whether you want to do yoga in a vineyard, private tasting or enjoy a winemaker dinner in the vineyard or experience harvest like a local, Vignetto allows you to browse all wine country options to truly Live Wine Country Like a Local.
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Vignetto Events are intimate, one-of-a-kind occasions not available to the public. These are magical wine country moments that you can’t wait to share and will never forget. Join our local community where you’ll discover experiences from a candlelit dinner in a wine cellar (with one of our favorite winemakers) to a private tasting and vineyard picnic (where you pick the ingredients from the chef’s garden) to a hands-on experiential cooking course and tasting (with the Michelin star chef who lives next door).
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Vignetto Adventures are all-day or multi-day journeys with exclusive access to visit our favorite wineries, winemakers and chefs. Explore the hidden gems, backroads, and lesser-know vineyards and cellars as well as the best known. Choose from adventures like a handpicked tasting tour (from the winemaker’s private cellars) to specially created wine and food pairings (with seasonal produce you choose at the Farmer’s Market) to a Wine Country 101 journey with our friend (and world-renowned sommelier) to find your own wine style.
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